A Dental Filling Gives Your Tooth a Reset

If having a beautiful smile is important to you, then so is your oral health. The only way you can ensure that you enjoy a photogenic smile throughout your lifetime is to take proper care of your teeth on a daily basis. Your teeth are strong, and built to last, but they still need your help. If you fall behind on your home care routine or your dental visits, you may wind up with cavities. What’s important is that you treat those cavities right away to prevent further damage. Restorative dental treatment, like a dental filling, can actually give your tooth a reset. Here’s how the process works.

How Cavities Form and Why You Should Stop Them

First, it’s important to understand the ramifications that come with cavities. The layer of enamel that coats the outside of your teeth is thick and strong. It can withstand a lot of wear, but bacteria can break down that enamel prematurely. When bacteria grow and metabolize sugars, they produce acid that will erode your enamel, eventually forming a cavity. The cavity is an opening that can eventually allow bacteria inside to the more vulnerable parts of your tooth, including the dentin, pulp, and root canals. Filling your cavity prevents bacteria from entering these areas.

Dental Fillings Clean and Repair Cavities

Dental fillings halt a cavity and reverse its effects. When your dentist spots a cavity, they will first treat the condition by removing all of the bacteria and infected tissue from the cavity. After the cavity has been sanitized, your dentist can then prepare the filling. Composite resin is a strong material that is malleable before it sets. Your dentist will use this resin to fill the hole left behind by the bacteria. After it sets, your dental filling will have your tooth looking and feeling like it did before the cavity.

Dental Fillings Are Durable and Cosmetically Pleasing

The composite resin material used in dental fillings can actually better contour to the shape of your cavity than the metal amalgams used in the past. That leads to a cleaner, more comfortable fit after treatment. Your dental filling will likely last around ten years if you care for it properly. Perhaps the greatest benefit of composite resin is that it is tooth-colored. It can match the shade of your tooth and reflect light in a naturalistic way, so no one has to know that you had a cavity.

Receive a Reset for Your Damaged Tooth at Cleveland Family Dentistry

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