Does A December Dental Visit Make Sense?

The ho-ho-holidays are upon us, with the associated hustle and bustle, and quite possibly all sorts of new routines as we wrap up the year. For some individuals and families, booking an office visit before the end of the year can be a smart move, for convenience, for economic benefit, and for peace of mind. For a cosmetic service, like teeth-whitening, to larger oral health issues, your Cleveland, TX, dental office and staff are conveniently located and ready to help. And it’s not too late to call for a visit in December.

Do You Want a Brighter Smile Right Away?

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile, and teeth-whitening is the most commonly performed dental procedure. Even healthy teeth can take on a yellowish or dingy cast over time. These surface stains don’t impair oral health, but they can make you self conscious in photographs and online meetings. With the Sinsational Smile system, you can see noticeable improvements in less than an hour! For those who prefer to whiten at home, we can provide a customized kit to use on the schedule that fits you.

Have You Made the Most of Dental Insurance Benefits?

If you have a dental health plan, it may run on the calendar year, and it would be a shame not to make the most of 2020 benefits. Our front office staff is knowledgeable about our payment and insurance policies, as well as financing options. Your dental insurance plan provider will know your specific benefit situation, and can also advise you on maximizing policy benefits.

Is The Family Schedule Open?

Scheduling your whole family for checkups and cleanings can be easier when school schedules ease up. If several members are due, or overdue, for twice yearly preventive care, this might be the time to get the appointments on your family calendar. Carpooling not only saves time, it gives you an extra chance for friendly conversations!

Is a Dental Issue Already On Your Mind?

Dental emergencies don’t wait for convenient times, so we happily offer same-day appointments if an emergency occurs. However, there is no time like the present to make a scheduled appointment for a nagging problem that has been on your mind. Sometimes a scheduled visit with us can head off an emergency situation further down the line!

We Have Appointments for December Dental Visits

Don’t let the oral health or you and your family members fall behind in December. You can also call now to get ahead of the game by scheduling for a convenient appointment time in January. Contact our Cleveland, TX office at (281) 592-1234 to schedule your appointment today. We also proudly serve patients and their families from Kingwood, New Caney, Conroe, Livingston, Huffman, and all surrounding communities.