When Your Toothache Is Caused by an Infected Root Canal

There are several different potential reasons for your tooth to hurt, and in many cases, the frequency and severity of the pain can indicate just how serious the problem is. For example, if the aching in your tooth is caused by a case of tooth decay and has become severe, then it may indicate that your tooth decay has reached its severe stages. This may mean that the only way to alleviate the toothache and save your tooth is to undergo root canal treatment to remove the internal tooth infection.

The aching in your tooth is severe

The need for root canal treatment stems from a severe tooth infection, or tooth decay, reaching the inner pulp chamber and root canal of your tooth. While milder and more moderate cases of decay may cause your tooth to become sensitive, internal tooth infection causes significantly more intense discomfort in the tooth. This is because the pulp chamber and root canal of your tooth hold the tooth’s nerves and other soft tissues. When they become infected with decay, your toothache is likely to intensify by several degrees.

The need for treatment is more immediate

When your tooth first develops tooth decay, treating it early is important to stopping the decay’s progression and stopping the cavity that it causes from growing any larger. This also helps you prevent the decay from causing more damage to your tooth, specifically by reaching the pulp chamber and root canal. If this does occur, then treating the tooth by removing the decay will be even more important to preserving your natural tooth structure. The nature of severe tooth infection makes it a more substantial threat to the rest of your oral health, and if it isn’t addressed promptly, it may lead to a need for tooth extraction in the near future.

The risks to your oral health are more significant

The complete erosion of your tooth structure is an extreme condition of severe tooth decay, but all it takes to occur is to procrastinate in seeking treatment for it. In addition to severe decay potentially leading to tooth loss, the consequences of ignoring it could also have serious implications for your long-term oral health. This can include the risks of other teeth developing decay in their structures and potentially needing personalized treatment to address it.

Find out if your tooth needs root canal treatment

If your toothache is severe, it may be a sign of serious tooth decay and the need for root canal treatment to save the tooth. To learn more, call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234.