Advantages that Come with a Tooth-Colored Filling

While everyone’s dental health is unique, and cavities are highly preventable, most people will experience one at least once in their lives. Even if you’re usually diligent about keeping your teeth clean and healthy on a consistent basis, it only takes a small mistake, such as a skipped dental cleaning, for oral bacteria to compromise a tooth. Fortunately, most people who experience a cavity can often treat it conveniently and with highly discreet results thanks to modern, custom-designed tooth fillings.

Your cavity and filling are undetectable

When a cavity develops, the symptoms of it can sometimes vary between patients. For example, while most cavities cause teeth to ache, some might also cause your tooth to become noticeably discolored. Traditional tooth fillings, which are often crafted from metal, are not designed to improve a tooth’s appearance while treating its cavity. However, more modern fillings, which are crafted from metal-free composite resin, are tinted to match the tooth’s unique color and shade before being placed within the cavity. This means your restoration and the cavity that it treats will remain virtually undetectable after your treatment, even if the cavity is in a highly noticeable area of your tooth.

Your tooth has a better future

Most who experience a cavity and treat it with a tooth-colored filling don’t have to treat the tooth again, as long as they take consistently good care of their teeth and restoration from that point forward. In addition to good dental hygiene and preventive dental care, the quality of a modern tooth-colored filling is also important to its longevity. Besides blending in with your tooth’s healthy, natural appearance, a composite resin filling is also made to be more biocompatible, and to protect your tooth more effectively in the future. This includes creating a durable seal that protects the affected part of your tooth structure from being infected by oral bacteria once again.

Your other teeth aren’t harmed by it

The tooth that receives a tooth-colored filling can benefit most from the filling’s ability to stop its cavity from growing larger and affecting more of its natural structure. This enables the tooth to preserve most of its healthy, natural structure, especially if you treat the cavity in its earliest stages. Yet, the resin that’s used to create a tooth-colored filling is also biocompatible in the way it interacts with the structures of your other teeth. For instance, the tooth that meets the filling when you bite and chew won’t be excessively worn down or damaged by the material, even after years of use.

Benefit more from a tooth-colored filling

In addition to its more lifelike appearance, there are several important advantages to treating a cavity with a tooth-colored filling. To learn more, call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234.