Why Invisalign® Might Be a Good Idea

For many people who choose Invisalign® clear aligners to straighten their crooked teeth, some of the main benefits of the treatment include the fact that the aligners are virtually invisible. This allows you to address potentially serious problems with your tooth alignment in a highly discreet and comfortable manner. Yet, the most important benefit of Invisalign® is that it encourages more people to seek the orthodontic treatment they need faster, without having to worry about dealing with traditional orthodontic braces.

Because straightening crooked teeth matters

There are multiple problems that can arise when your teeth aren’t aligned properly, and each of these problems can grow increasingly worse the longer they remain crooked. For example, your bite’s overall function can be negatively impacted in ways that disturb its balance, forcing some teeth to take on more bite pressure and be forced further out of alignment. This can also put a strain on the joints and muscles that power your jaw’s movement as they constantly have to compensate for the uneven bite pressure. With Invisalign®, patients who hesitate to straighten their crooked teeth out of fear of wearing metal braces can be encouraged to seek treatment faster and avoid more potentially serious oral health problems.

Because the aligners make treatment convenient

The aligners that make up Invisalign® treatment are designed to be virtually invisible when placed over your teeth, which makes your orthodontic treatment significantly more discreet than it would be with conventional metal braces. However, the treatment process itself is also more convenient when it involves a series of custom-designed aligners rather than brackets and a wire that has to be frequently tightened. Invisalign® clear aligners are designed to guide crooked teeth toward straighter positions as you progress through them, which also makes your treatment more comfortable in the long run.

Because it works for many types of tooth misalignment

The convenience and discretion that Invisalign® clear aligners offer are only beneficial because the aligners are effective at addressing various types of tooth misalignment. Crooked teeth can mean many things, and teeth may be out of alignment in different ways and to varying degrees. Custom-designed Invisalign® aligners can be made to address your specific type of malocclusion, making them a viable option for cases that may even seem severe.

Learn if Invisalign® is a good idea for your smile

If you need to straighten crooked teeth, then the more convenient and discreet nature of Invisalign® clear aligners can make them an ideal solution. To learn more, call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234.