3 Reasons to Get Your Dental Crown in One Day

Dental crowns have been an ideal solution for dealing with multiple types of tooth problems for ages. Designed to mimic the entire visible portion of your natural tooth, which is also called its crown, a restorative dental crown can restore, save, and help you preserve teeth that experience a wide range of concerns. Today, advanced dental technology also allows many modern dental crowns to be created and bonded in place during just a single visit to your dentist’s office.

1. To fix and restore your tooth faster

The main point of a dental crown for most people who receive one is to restore their natural tooth’s crown if it has suffered any damage. For instance, a crack might develop in the tooth’s crown, or a piece of it may be broken off entirely. When this type of damage occurs to your tooth, it will likely get worse the more time passes by without it being restored. Placing a traditional dental crown over the tooth may take weeks, as the measurements of your teeth and dental ridges must be sent to a skilled technician to craft your crown at an off-site dental laboratory. With same-day dental crowns, you can address the damage to your tooth and stop it from getting worse much faster.

2. To reduce your total number of dental visits

When placing a dental crown through conventional means, the process involves carefully preparing and measuring the tooth during one visit, then sending the measurements and mold of your tooth to the technician. A subsequent visit is required after the crown is complete and sent back to your dentist’s office, during which your dentist can bond the custom dental crown to your prepared tooth. However, digital imaging and milling technology allow us to digitally measure the tooth after it’s been prepared, then craft the crown on-site during the same visit.

3. To improve the appearance of your tooth

Being able to leave our office with your tooth newly restored after just one visit is a significant advantage to receiving a dental crown in one day. This is especially beneficial if your tooth’s concerns are cosmetic, and the porcelain dental crown is meant as a conservative means to improve its entire appearance. Made from highly lifelike dental porcelain, your same-day dental crown will be digitally designed to closely match the tooth’s healthy size, shape, and contour, as well as tinted to match the tooth’s unique healthy color and shade.

Restore your smile faster with a same-day dental crown

Receiving a dental crown in one day can help you enjoy your newly restored smile faster, and with highly lifelike results. To learn more, call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234.