What You Might Not Be Aware Of About Tooth Loss

Though many people believe it’s inevitable, the truth is that tooth loss is largely preventable. There are many different potential causes behind it, and the majority of these causes can be prevented or treated early, before you end up losing one or more teeth because of it. If you do experience tooth loss, then there are also things you need to know about its potential impact on the rest of your oral health, and how best to restore your smile afterward.

The biggest cause of it might not be obvious

Sometimes, tooth loss can result from an accident that results in a dental emergency. By definition, an emergency isn’t always preventable, and losing a tooth may be an unfortunate, but unavoidable, occurrence. However, the most common cause behind tooth loss is gum disease, which is a chronic condition that can affect almost anyone. As a chronic oral health concern, gum disease is progressive, and by the time it causes you to lose a tooth, it will go through several stages. The earliest, known as gingivitis, can often be prevented by maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and sticking to a consistent schedule of dental checkups and cleanings.

Losing a tooth isn’t the worst that could happen

After you experience tooth loss, it can seem like the worst thing your smile can go through. The loss is complicated by the immediate impacts to your smile’s appearance and the change in how your bite feels when you bite and chew your food. In some cases, tooth loss can even noticeably impact the way you enunciate your words when you speak. Yet, these immediate concerns are only part of why tooth loss can be disastrous for your oral health. The loss also leads to increased risks of damage and other concerns to your remaining natural teeth, and the absence of your teeth roots can diminish the strength and integrity of your jawbone structure. This can lead to further tooth loss if not addressed promptly.

There’s a way to replace your lost teeth roots

The good news is that people who experience tooth loss also have several options for replacing their lost teeth and avoiding many of the long-term consequences of tooth loss. This includes the option of replacing their lost teeth roots with the help of dental implant posts, which help preserve the integrity of your jawbone structure after you’ve lost one or more teeth roots. This can help you improve the quality of your restoration, as well, by providing it with an appropriate number of root-like anchors to support it.

Learn what you should know about tooth loss

Even after experiencing it, there may be some things about tooth loss and its significance that you might not be aware of. To learn more, call Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234.