How to Make Sure You Benefit from Tooth Extraction

There are many reasons why tooth extraction is only recommended when it’s absolutely necessary. In most cases, it’s preferable to restore a tooth and preserve as much of its remaining healthy, natural structure as possible. If tooth extraction has become necessary, it means that restoring the tooth is no longer possible. Yet, it also means that you’ll have to deal with the loss of the tooth to ensure that your smile is fully restored.

Don’t wait too long to do it

The fact that tooth extraction is usually a last resort treatment option highlights the importance of undergoing treatment as soon as possible. In many cases, a tooth becomes severely compromised due to the progression of a chronic oral health condition, such as tooth decay or worsening tooth damage. This means waiting any longer can allow the condition to grow even worse and potentially threaten more of your oral health. The best way to get the most benefit from your tooth extraction is to not hesitate any longer.

Consider replacing the tooth afterward

After removing the threat that the compromised tooth posed to your oral health, the biggest concern your smile faces may be the loss of the healthy tooth structure and its root. In addition to the specific oral health concern, it’s important to address this loss as soon as possible. For optimal results, we can recommend replacing your tooth soon after extracting it, preferably with a dental implant-supported restoration. A dental implant can replace the root of your extracted tooth and support a custom-designed restoration that replaces its visible structure. The complete tooth restoration can help you fully restore your smile following your tooth extraction.

Taking care of your restored smile

The most important thing to remember after extracting a tooth and replacing it is that your restoration, as well as your remaining healthy teeth, still require your consistent care and attention. It’s important to stick to good dental hygiene measures by brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day, as well as sticking to a schedule of preventive checkups and cleanings.

Learn how to benefit from tooth extraction

Extracting a tooth can be a good thing for your smile and oral health, especially if you take these measures to fully restore your smile. To learn more, call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We also serve the residents of Kingwood, Conroe, Livingston, and all surrounding communities.