What Orthodontic Treatment Means with Invisalign® Aligners

To many people, it might not seem like there are many options for orthodontic treatment. The traditional method of using metal brackets and wires to straighten crooked teeth is also the most well-known method, and many people who need orthodontic treatment may automatically expect that means they need braces. Fortunately, Invisalign® clear aligners can often provide a much more streamlined system for straightening your crooked teeth. In many cases, Invisalign® orthodontic treatment is a much more discreet and convenient process than patients expect.

Treatment that isn’t obvious

The defining characteristic of Invisalign® clear aligners is the fact that they’re nearly invisible. Made from clear, BPA-free acrylic, the material is nearly undetectable when placed over your teeth. This makes them almost impossible to detect, even upon close inspection. Also, each aligner is digitally designed to highly specific measurements, allowing for optimal precision in the design of every aligner you wear. For patients who are concerned with how traditional brackets and wires may make their smiles look, this may also be the most important advantage of Invisalign® orthodontic treatment.

Treatment that doesn’t interfere with hygiene

By eliminating the need for brackets and wires to straighten teeth, Invisalign® clear aligners not only make orthodontic treatment more discreet, but also more convenient. For patients who wear traditional braces, keeping up with things like good daily hygiene and a healthy, well-balanced diet can be more difficult. Cleaning around the brackets and wires can require the use of additional tools, like interdental cleaners, and additional care to ensure you don’t damage them. Eating can be a more restricted activity, as you may have to avoid some of your favorite foods for the same purpose. However, Invisalign® aligners can be removed temporarily, allowing you to eat and clean your teeth with much greater convenience.

Treatment that feels more comfortable

Without brackets and wires to worry about, Invisalign® clear aligners are naturally more discreet and convenient than traditional braces. They’re also naturally more comfortable, as there are no wires or other metal pieces that might accidentally scrape against soft oral tissues. There is also no need to routinely tighten the braces, as treatment with Invisalign® simply requires changing your current aligners for the next ones in the series every couple of weeks.

Learn more about Invisalign® orthodontic treatment

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