3 Reasons the Best Fillings Are Tooth-Colored

Since most people will develop a cavity at least once in their lives, it’s likely that you may benefit from a filling sooner or later. When a cavity develops, your dentist may be able to treat it by cleaning away the infection from the tooth structure and filling the cavity to seal it. For most patients with cavities, a tooth-colored filling can offer the best solution for treating a cavity. Not only is the filling tooth-colored, but also significantly more tooth-friendly than traditional fillings made from metal.

1. Because they match your tooth’s appearance

Making a filling tooth-colored means creating it from biocompatible material, such as composite resin, that can be customized to match your tooth’s appearance. Composite resin is a mixture of finely ground, biocompatible particles of acrylic and quartz, which can be tinted to any color and shade to match the healthy appearance of your tooth. Patients who are concerned with how a more traditional metal filling will make their smiles look can rest assured that their filling will be nearly undetectable every time they speak and smile. This also makes resin a suitable cosmetic option for improving minor issues with a tooth’s appearance, such as severe discoloration, minor chips and cracks, and more.

2. Because they don’t harm your tooth structure

Composite resin doesn’t just match your tooth’s color and appearance; it’s also much more biocompatible and friendly to your natural tooth structure. When a cavity is restored with a tooth-colored filling, the resin will retain its shape for years afterward. Unlike metal fillings, which can change shape over time, a resin restoration won’t threaten your tooth by expanding or contracting without you realizing it. When you bite and chew, the resin will also treat the opposing tooth structure more gently, creating less wear and tear on the natural tooth structure and reducing your risks of needing further restorative treatment in the future.

3. Because they protect your tooth more efficiently

Being biocompatible means tooth-colored fillings won’t harm your natural tooth structure, but they also actively preserve your healthy tooth structure better, as well. When composite resin is bonded to the tooth structure within your cavity, it creates a tight, nearly impenetrable seal between the exposed tooth structure and harmful bacteria in your mouth. This reduces the risks of your tooth becoming more severely infected, and your chances of needing more extensive treatment (like root canal therapy) to save the tooth in the future.

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