Things to Think About if You Want a Brighter Smile

When your teeth start to lose some of their healthy, youthful shine and brilliance – as they can do naturally over the years – the effects can become increasingly more obvious. The good news is that teeth staining doesn’t always mean serious trouble for smile, beyond the diminished confidence you may have in its appearance. The other good news is that, because of this, you can often brighten your teeth significantly with a convenient, minimally invasive teeth-whitening treatment. However, not all teeth stains are the same, so it’s important to consult with your dentist before deciding on the best solution to brighten your smile.

Are you sure teeth-whitening is the answer?

The first thing to consider before choosing teeth-whitening is the specific nature and extent of your teeth stains. The most common types are known as extrinsic stains because they develop on the surfaces of your teeth, which makes it easy for teeth-whitening gel to break up and remove them. However, some forms of teeth staining appear underneath your semi-translucent tooth enamel, instead of on its outer surface. As a topical solution, teeth-whitening gel won’t be able to reach the stains, and you may need a different solution to improve your teeth’s appearance.

Do you have other concerns to think about?

If your teeth stains are not extrinsic and teeth-whitening isn’t the answer, then you may need to address a more serious underlying concern. Common causes of intrinsic tooth discoloration aren’t always threatening, such as discoloration caused by certain types of antibiotics or medications. However, it may indicate tooth damage or infection, in which case improving your smile may require a custom restorative treatment instead of a cosmetic one.  Most modern restorations, including dental crowns and tooth fillings, are designed to blend in naturally with the appearance of your teeth, allowing them to improve your smile’s appearance as well as its health.

Would you prefer in-office or at-home treatment?

If your teeth stains are extrinsic and teeth-whitening is the best way to brighten them, then the next step is to determine which treatment option is best for you! At our office, we can custom-design a whitening kit that allows you to conveniently and effectively brighten your smile at home. The tray includes a set of custom trays that fit over your teeth and a supply of whitening agent, and treatment often takes as little as 10 days. We can also perform faster in-office treatment, which involves stimulating the gel using a safe LED light, and can often be completed in just a single visit.

Find out how best to brighten your smile

Wanting a brighter smile is common, but make sure you’re choosing the right cosmetic option by consulting with your dentist first. Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We also serve the residents of Kingwood, Conroe, Livingston, and all surrounding communities.