Getting Answers About Your Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are the kind of thing that not everyone experiences, but if you do, the gravity of the situation is often obvious. For instance, if your emergency is a broken or knocked-out tooth, then you’ll know it’s an emergency. However, some emergencies aren’t obvious to those who experience them, or patients may not realize just how serious their seemingly minor symptoms really are. Today, we answer the important question of whether your situation is an emergency or not, and what you need to know about saving your smile.

Is it really an emergency?

Determining whether or not you have a dental emergency depends on the specific concern you have. In many cases, any form of discomfort in your tooth can be considered an emergency. If it’s mild, it will grow worse if you ignore it. If it’s severe, then the pain may be too much to ignore it anyway. Tooth discomfort is almost always a sign of a potentially serious underlying issue that should be addressed immediately. Likewise, other signs of an emergency can include bleeding in the tissues around a tooth, damage to the tooth (even if you don’t notice discomfort), and more.

Can your tooth be saved?

The good news about most dental emergencies is that there’s an appropriate treatment to successfully address most dental health concerns. Even if your tooth is substantially damaged or is in the grips of severe decay, treatment such as root canal therapy and/or a custom-designed dental crown can improve its health and restore its strength and function. The key is to seek treatment for your dental emergency as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse it will get, and you may not be able to save the tooth by the time you do seek treatment.

What if the tooth is lost?

If your dental emergency includes a knocked-out tooth, or if you hesitated to seek treatment and the tooth is lost or extracted afterward, then we can restore your smile with a custom, lifelike replacement. For instance, if you qualify, we can suggest placing a dental implant and crown to replace your lost tooth and its root, restoring both the function of your bite and the stimulation in your jawbone that are required to maintain your optimal oral health in the future.

Schedule your emergency dental treatment

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