That Sensitivity Factor You’re So Over: Make It Stop! 

The very first pop, zing, or squiggle of discomfort you find yourself experiencing with smile sensitivity is certainly not enjoyable but it can also appear as a bit of a novelty. You get to tell your friends and family about this weird sensation you experienced, as everyone reminisces about that time that they experienced a wild feeling in their tooth. However, if it wasn’t a one-time event and you realize you’re dealing with actual sensitivity that requires real attention, well: You may find that you’re so over it. Need some help? Our Cleveland, TX team has the information you need to make it stop, so your smile feels good again!

Cover Up This Season!

It’s true. Patients in our community know that we’re not exactly living in the Tundra. However, when the temperatures drop, any amount of chill can feel extreme to your smile, when you deal with smile sensitivity. So, rather than grinning from ear to ear as that cold wind snaps directly into your teeth, cover up. Wear a scarf. Or a very large turtleneck. Zip your coat up! Whatever you need to do, so that when you’re out in the elements, they’re not making matters worse for you!

Chill On The Cold (And Hot) Extremes

Maybe you’re someone who happens to love ice cream in the middle of winter. Perhaps you cannot wait for holiday time, so you get to feel justified in making and enjoying lots of very hot hot cocoa. Whatever the case, we encourage you to cool it, so to speak, on the temperature extremes. They make smile sensitivity worse by aggravating your nerves.

Take Care Of Any Smile Care Issues

Don’t forget: It might just be sensitivity. Or, it might be smile sensitivity that stems from a problem. When you come in for a checkup, we can inform you which it is (and proceed from there!).

Get Serious About New Toothpaste

You may really love your toothpaste. However, as mentioned, you’re very “over” the smile sensitivity you’ve been dealing with. While you may not feel compelled to switch, allow us to remind you that changing to a paste or gel that is specially made to help stop that discomfort you’re dealing with will offer you shocking improvement. It may sound like just another advertising ploy but you’ve got us, your friendly team of dental professionals, to remind you that this stuff really works (so use it!).

Wave A Happy Goodbye To Sensitive Teeth 

Get rid of that pesky smile sensitivity once and for all! Let us know you’re not loving the way your smile feels at the moment, so we can take a look, offer any professional care you require, and offer tips! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.