Invisalign, Nightguards, And Sleep Treatment: What’s The Holiday Theme?

You know by now, if you are one of our Cleveland, TX practice’s patients that we offer lots and lots of services. From comprehensive preventive care to cosmetic improvements, we’re always on board to help. However, what you might not be able to piece together on your own but that we would really love to highlight this holiday season? The common thread that runs from Invisalign treatment to nightguards and that continues right on along through sleep apnea treatment. What’s this holiday theme, you’re wondering, and what’s it got to do with your smile care? Why, allow us to offer you some helpful enlightenment!

They Require Consistent Cleansing

Remember that if you have Invisalign treatment trays, if you use a nightguard for something like bruxism, or if you rely on sleep apnea treatment, one thing is always true: You absolutely need to keep them clean. While this may be easy during your usual day-to-day life, what you should consider is that it’s very easy to sort of forget about or become lax with habits over the holidays. Our suggestion? Stay the course. Don’t stray! Keep up with cleansed mouthguards and more, so you get through the season without accidentally causing any problems related to your smile care.

You Need Them Every Night

Whether it’s sleep apnea you’re treating, a misaligned smile, grinding and clenching, etc., remember that when you receive treatment from our team, the only way to enjoy success and achieve results that benefit your oral health is to use as directed. For items like mouthguards and trays, remember that you have to use them every night (and every day, when it comes to Invisalign), so you’re not sabotaging a lot of effort you’ve already put into your smile care up until the holidays. Make sure this lovely time of year is something that is fun and during which you continue to progress with your grin!

You’ve Got To Pack Them!

Heading out of town? You absolutely must pack your smile care items with you. That means your dental hygiene stuff and anything else you rely on for your oral health! Come up with a quick list that you check before leaving your home. You’ll be so relieved that you did.

Keep Your Oral Care Safe This Holiday

Keep any and all items you usually use for your dental care as your top priority this holiday season, so you don’t accidentally fall behind with essential treatment! Need tips? Come to us for helpful advice! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.