Why You Really Want To Avoid Flossing (But Shouldn’t)

How has your day been today? How about your week? “How are things going in general?” you’re wondering. Actually, what our Cleveland, TX team would really like to know is: How’s that flossing going and do you feel wonderful about it? Or, do you feel like you’d really love to toss your dental floss out the window and never think about it again? If it’s the second option, then we think you probably need our help at the moment, so you can move forward feeling much happier about incorporating dental floss into your dental hygiene routine. It might not sound possible but we promise: It really is!

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Flossing

Let’s begin at the end here and quickly discuss why you really shouldn’t avoid flossing even if you really, really want to. Of course, as you may have already realized, we are fairly certain that there are ways we can help you feel much better about flossing to the point that you won’t mind this part of your dental hygiene at all! With that said, there’s also the fact that when you don’t floss, you put your smile in harm’s way … in a very big way. We know that patients often think of floss as just one little part of dental care but it actually provides powerful protection against not only the development of gum disease but also tooth decay and the devastating damage that can come from one or both of those oral health concerns! So, yes, you really need to keep flossing.

How Flavor, Texture, And Sensation Come Into Play

We want you to remember that when you’re just dying to give up flossing but you haven’t exactly examined why, it’s a good idea to start with flavor, texture, and the way the floss feels. Remember that you may not realize there are many options out there. When you experiment with different selection, you will find something you love! Ready for dental hygiene suggestions? Schedule a checkup with us!

How A Schedule Works Wonders!

Nope, you probably never really expected to find yourself scheduling your dental hygiene sessions. However, it can really work. Remember, when you’re not dedicating time, you may feel like flossing is just a minute or two of your morning or evening you don’t have. So, change that. You’ll be able to look at it as a relaxing part of your day, rather than a frantic or “in the way” one!

Make Flossing A Serious Priority

Let us know if you feel like you know you should floss but you also really don’t want to! Visit us to discuss why you’re feeling this way, so we may offer you the personalized advice you need for easy improvement! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.