Make Children’s Smile Care A Pre-Holiday Priority 

Yes, you’re absolutely correct if you’re saying to yourself, “Pre-holiday priority? But it’s nearly Halloween!” While this first of a long string of autumn and winter holidays is certainly just a couple days away, our Cleveland, TX team reminds you to use this as your catalyst to give us a call just as soon as you can. While you may not make it to our practice for a children’s dental visit before the trick-or-treating commences, it certainly provides you with a good deadline for calling our practice, setting up an appointment, and ensuring you’re giving your child the best opportunity for a comfortable, healthy smile throughout the upcoming holidays!

Checkups? Absolutely Essential.

Let’s draw up a little scenario comparison here: You’re at Thanksgiving dinner. In the first scenario, your child has already received a dental checkup, we found a cavity, and you even came in for the filling! So, everyone’s eating, smiling, your child is having a nice time, and it’s a lovely evening. In scenario two, you put the checkup off. You’re at Thanksgiving dinner, your child bites into a cookie, yelps out in pain, and you rush home to address the issue, to frantically contact us, and your possibly lovely night is through. Choose the children’s dental visit for an easy preventive pathway! It’s always worth it, even when things are on track.

Addressing Symptoms? You’ve Got To Do It!

Does your little one keep saying, “Ow!” when biting into food? Has your teen been telling you that his or her tooth feels sort of uncomfortable? You may want to just wait as long as you can because you have about a million other things to do to prepare for and to get through the upcoming holiday season and we understand! However, as mentioned, addressing problems ASAP rather than waiting can save your child from unnecessary smile complications, make dental care convenient, and protect your plans. Set up that children’s dental visit!

Putting Our Number In Your Phone? A Big Yes.

Remember that accidents can happen. Of course, we certainly hope that they don’t! With that said, the autumn and winter holidays certainly shake things up. Kids are out of school, you may have time off, there are parties, desserts, candies, foods, trips, and more that aren’t usually on the calendar. So, if your child suddenly comes to you in pain, with a broken tooth, or otherwise, don’t fret. Instead, call us for emergency dental care right away!

Let Your Kids Enjoy Healthy Holiday Smiles

Remember that even if your kids’ smiles seem perfectly fine at the moment, if they haven’t had their second twice-annual checkup, it’s time! Bring kiddos in for any required smile care for healthy grins this holiday. Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.