Overexposure To Sugar And Acids: Moments You Overlook! 

No, of course we would never think that you’re intentionally overexposing your smile to sugars and acids. Even when you’re consuming candy or soda, our Cleveland, TX team recognizes that you’re doing so because you’re enjoying the indulgence. Not because you’re looking for ways to damage your oral health. Unfortunately, we are also more than aware that patients frequently think they’re doing a wonderful job but end up overlooking moments that prove highly dangerous for their teeth and gums! We’d like to fill you in on examples, so you can better ensure your actions match up with your intentions!

Eating Right Before A Nap

You may eat something and then take a nap. You may not plan this but it may simply be something that’s been taking place in your life more and more. Part of you may assume that since sleep is regenerative, your mouth will probably have time to recover. However, the truth is, when you eat or drink something potentially harmful and go to sleep, you’re giving bacteria a chance to party down, feed on particles, and saturate your teeth with acid! So, try to rinse if you think you’re about to conk out to avoid cavities and more!

Snacking While Watching TV, Online, Etc.

We know how much fun it is to grab a bag of candy, a bowl of chips, your mug of hot cocoa, or anything else that feels cozy and enjoyable when you’re planning on plopping yourself down in front of a screen. However, when you’re sitting for long periods of time, leaving teeth coated in food, you’re risking your oral health! If you don’t want to have to get up from your engrossing film, do your best to keep water nearby, so you can rinse frequently!

Sipping, Nibbling, While Working

Do you find that snacking on your favorite foods, nibbling on whatever is nearby for you to grab (like a paper clip), or sipping on coffee or another beverage as you work makes the time go more quickly? Maybe you just really enjoy it. It’s not that we don’t understand. However, we do want you to remember that again, this is one of those ways you may be overexposing your smile to sugars and acids. You may also end up overworking your jaw joints. So, we remind patients, just try to stick to a snack here and there, rather than extended grazing, and as always: Rinse, rinse, rinse with water to protect your oral health!

Detect Hidden Smile Dangers With Us

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