Water: Times You Really Need To Rinse (Or Drink Up!) 

It is certainly not lost on you that water is something that is classified as “good” for your smile health. You know that you are free to drink it whenever you wish because it cannot harm your oral health but instead has beneficial properties. However, as for when it’s actually very important to rinse your smile, to drink more water, etc., you can’t say that you’ve got the details all sorted out and memorized. Not to worry! Our knowledgeable Cleveland, TX team will make understanding the details easy, so you can more intuitively rinse (or sip) in the future, as you protect your grin!

After Eating Or Drinking

After you eat or you drink something, your smile is left coated. Whether you ate food with carbohydrates, sugar, or even pigments, remember that the longer they sit on your teeth, the longer bacteria have to enjoy them, eat them, and release acids which are known to damage your enamel (and which lead to cavities). So, if it’s a drink you’ve consumed or food, rinse with water. Even if it was primarily protein, you don’t want any decomposing matter sitting on or between teeth. Keep that smile clean! Just swish that H2O!

When You’re Sick

When you’re sick, it’s easy to feel as though you have a momentary break from reality. You feel terrible and you need rest. Surely, your oral health will understand, right? Well, not right. First, we remind you that it’s important to try your hardest to keep your dental hygiene going as usual. This is particularly true if you are congested, which can lead to dry mouth (which can lead to a more acidic oral environment, which promotes decay and other problems!). In addition, your body is often using up moisture, leaving you more likely to become dehydrated, if you have a cold, flu, fever, or other concern. Long story short: Protect your smile and your body by drinking lots of water.

When You’ve Just “Been Sick”

Nobody likes throwing up. Most people aren’t sure what to do about their smiles after it happens either! Do you rush to the bathroom to brush your teeth? The easy answer here is that you should rinse immediately with water. Your smile is coated in acid, so you need to remove that acid and give your teeth and other tissues time to calm down, so to speak. Then, within a half hour or so, if you’re feeling well enough, you should brush your teeth to keep your oral health safe.

Follow Our Simple Water Tips

Always remember that your smile is something you can easily manage, which means you can keep it healthy by maintaining and growing your oral health knowledge. Gather up what you need to know during visits! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.