Is Your Snacking Style Your Smile Problem?

Have you ever really thought about the way that you snack? Not necessarily just the exact foods that you are snacking on but that you may also have a particular style that’s negatively impacting your smile, rather than supporting it? When it comes to smile health, as you have likely recognized, there’s quite a lot that goes into offering support or accidentally making it more likely that consequences arise. The good news, of course, is that no matter the topic, when you receive the essential info you require from our Cleveland, TX team, it makes it very easy to make the right decisions!

Dealing With Cavities?

Are you dealing with cavities lately but you’re not entirely sure why? We want you to remember that if your snacks have anything to do with it, you are likely exposing your teeth to too much sugar and to many acids (or you’re allowing contact to remain for too great a period of time). So, you have some answers. First, make sure you’re limiting these types of foods! Second, regardless of how much sugar or acidic stuff you consume, remember to cleanse your smile when you’re through. By limiting contact through any means, you keep your enamel safe, so tooth decay isn’t quite as likely an outcome.

Experiencing Bruxism Or TMJ Concerns?

Are you noticing that your major smile health concern is the fact that you’re dealing with a functional issue like bruxism disorder or TMJ disorder? If so, then you may assume food has nothing to do with this! However, the truth is that it’s all about the type of foods you’re consuming or how often you’re munching away. Eating something that requires enormous amounts of force from your jaw joints? It can cause fatigue. Eating very often makes you move your jaw joints and surrounding muscles very frequently, which can exacerbate an issue with your TMJs and which promotes the grinding or clenching associated with bruxism. Try to limit your snacking!

Experiencing Curiously Quick Discoloration?

You may think you’re making good choices for your smile health and for your smile’s appearance but lo and behold, you still deal with mounting discoloration! Here’s what you should remember: Anything acidic will soften your enamel, promoting quicker staining (even if it’s clear or lightly hued). Any pigmented foods will contribute. Snacking without rinsing afterward with water? This is a problem, too, so revise your usual plans (and remember, we offer teeth whitening).

Avoid Unintentional Oral Health Damage

Keep your smile looking amazing and feeling good by paying attention to the little, easy-to-look-over factors, such as daily snacking! Come see us for a checkup for further information and tips! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.