Not To Worry: That’s How Lots Of Smiles Look! 

You may feel used to the way your smile looks because, well, you’ve been looking at that feature for your entire life! However, when the moment comes that you notice something you never really noticed before, it can be quite alarming. You may wonder: Does everyone’s smile look like my smile? Is mine different, unusual, deficient, or strange in some way? To help you feel confident in your grin and oral health, our Cleveland, TX team would like to help you become more familiar with what’s very common for natural, untreated smiles! Have additional questions? Just ask!

No, Most Smiles Aren’t Winter White

You may look around you and wonder, whether you’re watching a movie, flipping through a magazine, or staring at someone’s smile why you keep seeing bright white teeth. Is that what they’re supposed to naturally look like and how on earth can you attain such vibrancy? The answer is simple: No, teeth are not all naturally super white. They vary. If you want to say goodbye to discoloration or would like to customize your smile for a brighter appearance, come on in to discuss cosmetic care with us!

Yep, You Can See Through Your Enamel

You may visualize your teeth as opaque white structures. However, if you ever take the time to take a much closer look, you may be shocked by what you see! You can actually see deeper into your tooth, beyond the first layer. You can see your dentin! Is this something that impacts only a few people, you wonder to yourself? Actually, it’s true for pretty much everyone, so your oral health is likely A-OK. Of course, the thickness of your enamel (the translucent, outer tissue layer of your teeth) varies from person to person. However, we remind you that it’s not an opaque tissue!

Those Ridges Are There For A Reason

Are you feeling concerned because you just realized that you have little ridges on your incisors but your brother, friends, and parents don’t have them? What gives, you wonder? Is there something wrong with your teeth or your smile health? In this case, the most likely answer is that your oral health is perfectly okay and that what you are seeing is the leftover structure of something called mamelons. These are the protruding bits of your incisor edges that formed when your teeth developed with the coming together of multiple lobes. For many, the ridges essentially rub away during childhood. For you, they hung around! If you’d like them to go, dental contouring can fix that! Otherwise? It’s no cause for concern.

Check In On Your Smile Soon 

Don’t let questions about whether your smile is okay plague your mind! Instead, bring your thoughts to our attention, during a checkup with our team, so we can help you maintain your best grin. Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.