Why Bruxism Disorder Doesn’t Have To Be Upsetting

No, nobody wants to find out that there’s something not going correctly in terms of oral health. However, our Cleveland, TX team wants you to remember that when you discover you require dental treatment for an issue, this isn’t a reason to become upset! Instead, it’s a relief to know you have dental care on your side, to make things better. Let’s use bruxism disorder as today’s example. Sure, you may be a bit distressed to discover your smile isn’t in perfect condition but that, instead, you are experiencing a functional disorder! The upside? Let’s discuss the details!

We Are Here To Find It (Even If You Don’t)

We remind our patients that bruxism disorder is something we can find for you, even if it’s something you don’t find on your own. We know that you may have recently learned that bruxism is often difficult to detect with your own senses because it’s chronic and involuntary, so it’s there and it’s happening but it might occur when you’re sleeping or you just might not notice it. Don’t worry! When you keep your twice-a-year visits scheduled with us, we can spot symptoms that you won’t notice during your dental checkup!

Our Treatment Is Easy And Effective

Good news, again! Treatment for bruxism disorder isn’t something that has to make you feel upset. Why? Well, because there are no drugs involved, so there aren’t any side effects and it won’t get in the way of any other type of treatment or medication you’re taking. Instead, it’s just a mouthguard! That means, you will wear the comfortable appliance each night in bed, which will give your teeth and jaws the break they need from grinding and clenching. See? No reason for upset!

If Damage Has Happened, We Can Fix It

Now, you may be on the other side of bruxism disorder. Perhaps it has been affecting you for a long time, you just found out about it, and you have begun treating it with our team. However, it’s also had time to cause damage to your smile. Not to worry! This is absolutely fixable. Whether you require cosmetic dental care to address minor, esthetic concerns, or restorative care for a more serious problem, we are here to help!

Say Goodbye To Bruxism Concerns

Don’t let discovering bruxism ruin your day, week, or year! Instead, dust yourself off, become proactive, and come in to spend a bit of time with our friendly team. We’ve got the dental care you need! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.