Flossing Benefits: A Much-Needed Lightning Round!

Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up solely in what you really want to do versus what you don’t feel like doing, rather than considering the why behind accomplishing that particular task. When it comes to flossing your smile as part of your daily smile care, for instance, you may decide that you’re not really in the mood to floss, that you’d rather just skip it, and you may only sometimes do it. Or, maybe you don’t do it at all! To help remind you about the why behind flossing, so you can gather up a new batch of motivation, our Cleveland, TX team offers you a lightning round of the major benefits!

It Protects You From Gum Disease

When you use dental floss as part of your daily and continuing smile care, we remind you that you are giving yourself some serious safeguarding from the development of gum disease. Remember that gingivitis forms when bacteria within plaque come into contact with your gum tissue, leading to inflammation and then potential infection. When you floss, you clear away plaque and debris, thereby keeping things safe.

It Helps You Avoid Tooth Decay

On the same track of thinking is the fact that when you clear away plaque with your flossing, this part of your smile care also protects the dental tissue along your gumline and just between teeth from the development of tooth decay. Remember, you can end up with a cavity on any part of your teeth! So, keep flossing a steady part of your smile care routine.

Flossing Helps Prevent Bad Breath

What happens when you have bacteria building up between teeth, in addition to food particles that are breaking down in your mouth? You end up with bad breath. So, to avoid this smelly situation, you need to continue brushing and flossing, to ensure your smile care is complete and your breath is approachable.

Floss Removes Debris That Can Look Embarrassing

What’s that you’ve got stuck between your teeth? While lodged food can feel uncomfortable it can also look unattractive. When you floss, you remove these bits of food, so your smile feels great and looks lovely.

It Helps Your Smile Feel Clean, Too!

Have you ever noticed the difference between how your teeth feel as you run your tongue along them before … and after … a flossing session? The smoother sensation after flossing exists because your smile is clean, which means not only does it feel good but you’re also keeping it safe from problems that may require restorative care down the line.

Gather Up New Flossing Details

Find out what makes flossing your smile so important, learn more about how to do it successfully, and ask us any question you have, so you can feel completely confident in your dental hygiene! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.