3 Things You Didn’t Realize Could Encourage Decay

There are things that you have long had memorized that are clear and obvious causers of cavities! You know that you shouldn’t sit around eating candy all day every day or it might cause oral health problems. You know, as well, that if you don’t brush and floss your smile, you’re probably headed for tooth decay. With that said, you may have had an inkling somewhere along the way that you haven’t been entirely connecting the dots in terms of the many ways you can promote the development of decay. The good news? Our Cleveland, TX team can offer you the insight you want (and need). Any more questions? Just let us know!

#1: Calcium Deficiency

You may be doing your best to keep your oral health safe with brushing, flossing, and professional preventive care. However, remember that while you can help keep your smile safe from the outside, there’s still something to consider about the way your health begins on the inside. One very important detail that you might overlook is that everyone needs sufficient calcium in their diets in order to maintain healthy teeth! They require this mineral for strength and to avoid cavity formation! So, if you’re not getting enough, identify new foods you can add into the fold and eat up!

#2: Too Much Brushing

You may be surprised to learn that you can actually become partially responsible for weakening your tooth’s defenses by overdoing it with the preventive care. Sure, you have the best of intentions. However, if you’re brushing too much, too hard, etc., you may actually be slowly yet surely eroding that outer layer of dental tissue called enamel, which acts as a protective shield. Once defenses are down, your tooth becomes more vulnerable to damage, such as tooth decay, and more! Always remember to practice your dental hygiene thoroughly yet gently. Have questions about proper brushing and flossing? Just ask us when we see you!

#3: Dry Mouth

But don’t bacteria love wet environments, you might think to yourself? They do. However, when it comes to the always-moist environment of your mouth, things are a bit different. It’s less about the wetness and more about the rinsing. When your mouth is sufficiently moisturized, thanks to the flushing of saliva, bacteria are consistently washed off of your teeth and from your mouth throughout the day. Saliva keeps the acidity levels in your mouth neutral, so teeth are less vulnerable to the attack of said bacteria. See what we’re getting at here? Optimal moisture means tooth decay avoidance. A dry mouth? Cavities become more likely.

Stop Decay From Happening With Easy Tips

Don’t feel like no matter what you do or where you turn, tooth decay is going to jump out and get you! Remember that when you check in with our team during cleanings and examinations, we will provide preventive tips! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.