Your Cavity: Detect It, Accept It, Treat It! 

When the topic of the day in terms of your smile care concerns is a cavity, well, there are a lot of thoughts that may be going through your mind. Our Cleveland, TX team knows that whether you’re not even sure if you have one and need a dental filling, if this is your first cavity (or most recent in a long line of cavities), or if you are just wondering how to avoid additional tooth decay, you may still have a bit of emotional discomfort in regard to the matter. Generally speaking, when you feel informed and know just what to do, it makes following through with protecting your teeth so much easier! Let us cover the details with some very simple steps.

Detecting A Cavity

Do you have a cavity? Are you looking around, feeling the urge to shrug your shoulders, because you either assume that you don’t currently have any existing tooth decay, that you might have some but you don’t know, or that you most likely need a filling but you haven’t received a diagnosis yet? When it comes to detecting the presence of cavities, we remind you of some very important things:

  • When you experience a symptom of any kind that’s related to your oral health, you need to call us to set up a visit!
  • You always need to schedule dental checkups and cleanings every six months in order to give us the chance to detect tooth decay that you may not have discovered on your own (which lets us treat it very early).

Accepting Your Diagnosis!

You might not necessarily want to accept the fact that you have a cavity, which we can understand. However, we also remind you that you really need to consider the fact that accepting your diagnosis and acting quickly to set up a restorative treatment to address that cavity is so important. When you try to sweep tooth decay under the rug or ignore it, there’s nothing you can do to stop its progression, which means at some point, you will be forced to deal with a very large and likely uncomfortable hole in your tooth!

Treating The Tooth Decay

Now, as mentioned, the best way to resolve the issue if you have a cavity is to receive the care you require to treat it. Generally speaking, we will be able to offer restorative dental care in the form of a beautiful dental filling that will blend in with the rest of your smile. Or, should you require care for a serious cavity, we offer more advanced care (such as a crown) to get your smile back into excellent condition. All it takes is coming in for a visit and then following through with our recommendation!

Address Cavities To Keep Your Smile Safe

Remember to call our team if you deal with any type of symptom, such as a toothache, and to always come in for your six-month dental visits with our team. Visit us to help keep your smile cavity free! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.