Put A Stop To Secret Smile Damage

Did you know that you might be damaging your smile as we speak but because you’re not aware of what’s going on, you may not even realize what’s happening? Are you worried because you think to yourself that if it’s in secret, then how are you supposed to ever figure out what’s going on? The good news is that there are some very easy ways for you to figure out what’s going on (hint: Our Cleveland, TX team can help during dental visits!) and once you discover potential culprits, you can stop them in their tracks. Consider some suggestions, so you can ensure you’re giving your grin the protection you assumed you were providing!

Keep Up With Cleanings And Checkups

The number one way to ensure you’re not accidentally letting some type of smile damage impact and continue to impact your smile? You remember that you need to keep up with dental cleanings and checkups with us. When you do so, there are a couple main benefits you get to enjoy, such as:

  • The checkup portion of your dental visit is the part that includes a thorough examination. During this exam, we will look at every last detail associated with your oral tissues. If anything is beginning to negatively influence your oral health, we will let you know, and we can then offer any required treatment to stop an issue right away.
  • The cleaning portion of your visit allows our team to thoroughly remove any bit of plaque left behind or tartar that has formed. This means you won’t be dealing with unaddressed tartar that can lead to problems like decay. Instead, you can easily keep your smile very clean and healthy.

Better Treat That Bruxism

Didn’t realize you had bruxism because you’ve never heard of it before? When you keep up with your dental visits with us, as we have suggested, then these types of concerns will not fly under the radar! Instead, you can rest easy that we will give you a heads up the very second there is any sign of change. With that said, remember that if you have bruxism (which is involuntary grinding and clenching) that you are going to end up with smile damage! The pressure, friction from back-and-forth motions, and more can cause fractured, eroded teeth. Don’t let this become tooth loss or severe damage. Instead, treat it with our care!

Make Smart Choices

Don’t ask too much of your smile. If it seems like something that could harm your grin, avoid it. If you’re not sure, ask us! It’s that easy.

Protect Teeth And Gums From All Harm! 

Don’t forget that there could be some little issues that are hiding, causing damage to your grin behind the scenes! Schedule your next visit today, so we can help you feel sure you’re not overlooking anything! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.