4 Ways To Say Goodbye To Dry Mouth!

When you figure out what’s going on with your smile and the answer is dry mouth, it’s a relief to have a term to put to the issue! You get a nice definition to come along with it, too, which is essentially that your mouth is lacking the saliva (or saliva production) to keep your tissues moist and comfortable. As you may also know, this can lead to problems for your oral health, so what you want is to quickly figure out what to do to make this concern go away. Fortunately, our Cleveland, TX team is ready with a handful of helpful answers that will guide your grin back to optimal moisture levels!

#1: Check In On Those Meds

Are you taking any type of medication on a regular basis? If you are, then we remind you that you may want to take another look at the side effects linked to it. It’s not at all uncommon for dry mouth to be connected as a possible side effect, which means you may be able to stop taking that medication to improve your concern, switch to a new one, or even speak with your doctor about how to counteract it! Whatever the case, it’s worth investigating.

#2: Plain And Simple: Drink More Water

One thing that is always true and that always protects you from problems, big and small, from dry mouth to the development of decay? Drink water. If you’re not drinking enough, then drink more! Remember, generally speaking, you should be getting about 64 ounces of H2O every day. If you’re not, then you may not be rinsing your smile as frequently as you could be. In addition, your body may become dehydrated. When you’re low on fluids, you may become low on saliva, which means your oral tissues become dry. Drink up!

#3: Address Any Serious Congestion

Serious congestion is something that you may find frustrating and that you’d like to treat, much like any patient. However, you might not realize that it can be responsible for the dry mouth you’re experiencing. You may even become so accustomed to congestion, when it’s caused by something like seasonal allergies, that you may start to grow used to the symptoms (like a stuffy nose), without realizing that the oral dryness you’re experiencing is going to stick around, too. Clearing your upper respiratory tract means you can breathe freely, which means no more mouth breathing, which means you’re no longer drying out your saliva!

#4: Let Us Help You!

Come in for further help if you need it! We are always happy to offer education, a checkup, and solutions.

Address Dry Mouth Issues Today!

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