What If I Need A Deep Cleaning?

You may feel worried when you discover that you need a deep cleaning instead of the traditional cleaning that you usually receive. First, of course, this is new to you, so you aren’t sure what to expect and your mind begins running wild with all sorts of ideas that make you feel ready to bolt, rather than ready to schedule this very important gum health treatment. Of course, we absolutely understand and would love for you to feel confident about doing what’s best for your periodontal health! Take just a moment before you run for the hills to think through the many reasons our Cleveland, TX team offers you to instead feel wonderful about perio care and the fact that it can save your oral health!

We’ll Provide An Easy Process

One of the things you may consider with wide-eyed wonder is whether we’re going to complete a thorough deep cleaning on your smile all in one sitting. Remember: We want you to feel good about your smile care, rather than making choices that you will feel unhappy with or that will not really work for your daily life, once you head home from our practice. When you receive this type of care, we usually work on just one quadrant of your smile at a time, so the process is effective and efficient but does not interrupt your life or ability to use your grin.

Your Gum Tissue Will Be Numb!

One of our main goals for our patients is always that they experience comfortable dental care. So, in addition to the fact that we will provide your deep cleaning over the course of multiple visits, remember, too, that it will be comfortable. We will rely on local anesthetic to ensure your cleaning experience is a relaxing one. Have questions? Just let us know!

We Rely On Advanced Technology

To further drive home our points about your comfort, efficiency, and convenience, we remind you that our deep cleanings do not rely on manual instruments but instead on the use of advanced technology. We use ultrasonic scaling, so you’re enjoying the benefit of faster care and more comfortable care, as we remove buildup with unique and powerful vibrations!

Remember: You’re Giving Your Smile Protection!

Remember to give yourself a pat on the back. Receiving a deep cleaning means you get to restore your oral health, stopping gum problems and allowing this important tissue to heal!

Fix Your Gums Up Today!

Set up a deep cleaning with our team when you learn that your perio tissue needs some serious help! Relax, smile, and rest easy: The experience will be a smooth one and you’ll quickly have a healthy grin back! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.