Is My Dentist Judging Me?

Ah, yes. Feeling judged is certainly not a nice feeling in the least! However, this may be exactly how you feel when you think about coming to see our Cleveland, TX team for the dental checkups, cleanings, and more that you receive in order to promote a smile that’s incredibly healthy (and that looks lovely as result!). Even though you know logically that you should see us and you hope we’re thinking good things about you, the thought may still cross your mind: Is my dentist judging me? My oral health? My methods of care? My personality? In short, the answer is: No way! We don’t judge our patients! With that said, we’d like to elaborate, so you feel more convinced!

Based On My Dental Hygiene?

As mentioned, we don’t judge! However, let’s start with this area in which you may feel judged or worried about it. We want you to recognize that our goal is to help you maintain a healthy smile. One essential part of doing so is your brushing and flossing, which you are in charge of at home. If you’re not on track, you will end up with buildup, cavities, and possibly gingivitis. If you are on track, you generally avoid such oral health related problems. When things aren’t their best, we will comment and encourage you to do better. We’ll help you pinpoint particular problems. This means we are offering you advice and guidance! However, we do not deem you a good or bad patient based on your efforts!

Based On How Often I Come In?

Again, if you come in on the dot every six months for your dental checkup and cleaning, then this is fantastic for your oral health! If you tend to take longer between visits or you skip some entirely, this doesn’t offer you as much protection and can lead to greater susceptibility to issues like decay. We may gently suggest you get back on track! However, if you don’t, we don’t think less of you! We simply want you to have the easiest, most successful experience possible.

Based On How Many Questions I Ask?

The reason we always, always encourage patients to ask questions if they have them is because we want to be of help! If you don’t have any questions, that’s perfectly fine. If you do, please ask them! We don’t judge either way.

Step Into Our Judgment Free Practice

Don’t stay away from our practice and the friendly dental care we offer that keeps your smile looking (and feeling) out of this world. Instead, remember that we offer a truly judgment-free space, where you can enjoy your experience! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.