Smile Care: Things We May Find Before You Can

Did you know that one of the reasons you come in for your dental checkups, two times every single year, is because there are some things that we are often able to find before you will notice them? This is extremely important because detecting these oral health issues right when they start to form is the best way to handle them. It means treating them long before they worsen, damage your tissue, spread, etc. Instead, our Cleveland, TX team can quickly derail the issue, stop it, turn things around, get you back to excellent oral health, and you’ll be back on track! Let’s explore some examples.

Very, Very Early Oral Cancer

Your first thought about oral cancer may be, “Well, I’d really just rather not know it’s happening!” We understand! It’s easy to think that if you don’t come in for a dental checkup, then you won’t know anything is wrong, and you can then just go on trying not to worry about your oral health. However, the thing is, if cancer has begun, it will progress. When you see us for checkups, which include oral cancer screenings, we find it very, very early, which means treating it often before it has a chance to progress at all. Of course, this means successful treatment outlooks and side-stepping potentially serious damage and disease.

Bruxism Disorder

You may have heard this before but we are always happy to remind patients that bruxism disorder is often something we will recognize before you notice it. This can be quite relieving for patients who worry that they may be grinding away or clenching consistently without realizing it. Fortunately, when you’re coming in right on the dot for your dental checkups with us, if we happen to notice signs of bruxism, we can treat it right away! That means you’ll get to avoid some serious damage that can occur, as you instead enjoy protection and a safe, healthy smile.

The Early Stage Of Tooth Decay

You might think that nobody can recognize tooth decay until there is a very clear toothache going on and a big hole in your tooth. However, what you don’t know is that we can actually detect the softening of your tissues long before a hole forms. When you’re up-to-date on dental checkups, we can either warn you or we can offer a very early, small dental filling to stop early decay from progressing and claiming a significant amount of your tooth tissue.

Come In For Your Beneficial Checkups

Don’t stay away because you figure your good-looking grin is in excellent shape, as long as it feels perfectly fine. Help us help you keep it that way by coming in for thorough, comfortable dental checkups every six months! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.