Warm Weather And Dental Emergencies: Remember This!

While some of the country is still waiting for warmer weather to show up, in Cleveland, TX, it has already arrived, of course! With that said, we know that all of the fun that this relaxing weather brings puts a big smile on your face! However, it can actually bring about some hazards that can damage that smile! What to do about it, you ask? How to do your best to avoid accidentally ending up with a dental emergency and what to do if something unexpected occurs, as you’re simply reveling in the comfy temps and enjoying the sunshine? We’ve got just the information you need, so you can enjoy your nearly-summertime BBQs without a single interruption from your oral health or otherwise!

Watch For Unexpected Seeds!

You don’t always find yourself sitting in front of an awfully delicious looking massive wedge of watermelon that someone was kind enough to place on your plate. However, once it’s warm outside, it’s time for this ruby-red treat! Unfortunately, whether you simply think you’ve gotten all of those hard seeds out or if you’re biting into a “seedless” one with reckless abandon, you might find yourself biting into the unexpected! With watermelon and any other foods you are planning on enjoying that may or may not contain seeds, simply move forward with caution. Use a fork and knife or bite carefully, so you don’t end up dealing with an avoidable dental emergency (and all while you were being good and eating something nutritious, too!).

Don’t Let Summer Enchant You Too Much!

Parties! Cookouts! Delicious food! Amazing weather! What’s not to love? Why not just throw caution to the wind, abandon all responsibilities, and just go where the warm wind takes you? Well, because that would definitely lead to consequences! With that in mind, we remind you: Don’t become so enchanted that you forget about cleanings, checkups, and more! Otherwise, you may find yourself visiting us for emergency dental care.

Keep Us On Speed Dial!

Yep, pretty much everything is on speed dial these days. With that said, if you don’t have our dental practice address and our phone number programmed into your phone, so you can make use of this feature, we strongly suggest that you change that as soon as you possibly can! Remember, though you generally won’t need to call us at the drop of a hat, you may find yourself in a situation in which you could really use emergency dental care. If so, make life easy and have our number handy, just in case!

Let Us Know When You Need Emergency Care

Uh oh! An unexpected accident occurs, leaving you with some sort of smile problem that means you need to see us and you need to see us immediately! No worries. Contact us for emergency dental care right away! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.