Tooth Loss: Treat It To Avoid More Tooth Loss!

You have already gone through the not-so-lovely experience that we refer to as tooth loss. Of course, the very last thing you might be thinking is that you’d better do something about those missing teeth or else … it could cause tooth loss! How might lost teeth possibly beget more missing teeth, you wonder? Well, while it may sound strange to you, our Cleveland, TX team is here to explain the details (of course, as we promote the exceptionally wise and protective decision to avoid further problems by replacing your missing teeth).

Openings Make Dental Hygiene More Challenging

When you have an opening (or multiple openings) in your smile as the result of tooth loss, you will likely find that this presents new challenges to you in terms of dental care. You used to know how to clean your smile and keep it clean. Now, however, you have little wells that tend to trap food. It seems like keeping your smile debris-free is a never-ending battle. A smile that’s more difficult to clean becomes more prone to issues like decay and periodontal problems, diseases that can eventually lead to further loss of teeth.

Jaw Deterioration Can Lead To Further Tooth Loss

As you lose a tooth, you lose the whole tooth, which means the crown (the part you see resting above your gum tissue) and the root (the part beneath your gumline, which rests securely within your jawbone). So, what’s the problem, you wonder? Well, missing roots yield the breakdown of your jaw tissue over time. You need roots in order to keep jaw tissue thriving. Eventually, a damaged jawbone may make way for the loss of additional teeth. However, if you replace roots with implants and crowns with restorations, you’ll be stopping the problem in its tracks.

How To Get Started With Treatment

In order to get started with any and all treatment required to replace your missing teeth and to prevent additional tooth loss, you will best serve your smile needs by scheduling a visit with us. We may help you determine the cause of your original loss, offer options for replacement, and identify any additional factors that may cause complication (for which we may provide care).

Replace Missing Teeth To Protect Your Smile

While you may already feel pretty blue about your tooth loss but you figure the damage is done, think again! Tooth loss can actually cause more problems! Why not see our team for prosthetic care to protect your grin? Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.