Fun Facts: Ways To Perk Up Your Hygiene Sessions

Your dental hygiene is built to promote a smile that you feel proud of because it’s ticking off all the boxes: It’s clean, it’s healthy, and it’s nice to look at! While you know brushing and flossing are what it takes to make this all-star smile a reality, you might find that you’re missing the motivation to remain on-board with the care you should be performing! Instead of indulging your temptation to scrap your smile protection altogether, try something new out: Step through some of our Cleveland, TX team’s fun facts that will have you feeling more like a brushing-and-flossing enthusiast in no time!

Power Up A Playlist

Shake it! Nope, we don’t mean you need to be more aggressive with your brush. We just mean that adding music and rhythm into your brushing and flossing sessions might liven up your experience. If practicing dental hygiene in silence isn’t exactly the enjoyable few minutes you would prefer, then get creative. Remember that you can move around a bit more to the music, find songs that match the rhythm of your brush strokes, and even make playlists for different moods, weather, and more! The bottom line? It’s time to make time spent in front of the sink preventing cavities a little more interesting.

A Flavor That Falls Flat Is No Friend!

What’s that flavor that is driving you crazy? Is it your dental floss? Is it your toothpaste? You might underestimate just how huge of an impact flavor can have on your dental hygiene. After all, you certainly wouldn’t eat the same breakfast every day if it made you cringe, so why continue on with unpleasant flavors as you brush and floss? It may be time to retire the products you’ve been using out of habit and to instead take on a fun challenge: The dental hygiene taste test. Purchase products that sound yummy, test them out, and save only those that you can actually look forward to using!

Admit It: You Could Use Some Help!

When you feel extremely resistant to completing a task, one thing you can always ask yourself is whether you know what you’re doing. If there’s some part of brushing and flossing that you have to admit you feel very unsure about, then this one’s easy! Just say so. Checkups are for seeking out issues and giving you a thumbs up for your hard work but they are also about offering the advice you need, so don’t be shy! When you feel knowledgeable, that hygiene hesitation will melt away.

Become The Brusher You Aspire To Be!

When you have the enthusiasm but you’re short on the details you need for maintaining a clean smile, seek out additional care suggestions from our team! Remember: Dental hygiene can be as fun as it is effective! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland, Kingwood, and all surrounding communities.