Smile Cleaning: Are You As Thorough As Possible?

When someone asks you how well you care for your smile and if you clean it thoroughly, you may feel fairly confident that you’re doing an outstanding job! However, what if you just think that you’re a super cleanser but you’re missing lots of plaque, many areas of your smile, and as a result you’re opening your smile up to possible damage like decay or gingivitis? We don’t want to worry you! However, we do want you to quickly assess your usual dental hygiene to ensure that you actually are, indeed, doing as thorough a job as possible! Need help? Just let our Cleveland, TX team know.

You’re Brushing All Of Your Dental Tissues

You’ve heard this before, certainly, and you’ll hear it again: You’re only thoroughly cleaning your smile and doing your best with dental hygiene if you are brushing all of the tissue you can reach with your toothbrush. This means you’re not leaving out the backs of your teeth, the sides, the fronts, the chewing surfaces. Clean it all!

You’re Brushing Your Tongue

Our team wants to remind you of this quick little detail: If you want your smile to remain clean, you need to brush your tongue, too! We know, you figure that you don’t need to but you cannot see all of the bacteria and little tiny bits of food that get stuck to your tongue. When you want to limit the bacteria in your mouth to protect your oral health, this is essential!

You’re Taking Two Minutes To Brush

If you’re not taking around two minutes to get from the start to the finish of your brushing session during dental hygiene, then you’re shorting yourself! You don’t want to do this. It means you’re definitely not doing a thorough job. Find a timer that will help you feel sure you’re brushing for enough time.

You’re Flossing Between All Teeth

You really have to floss between all of your teeth (and even right behind those back ones) if you want to know your dental hygiene is thorough. Without this integral step, you are leaving an incredible amount of plaque (and its bacteria) behind.

You’re Seeing Us For Cleanings, Too!

See us for cleanings! It’s the final key to your very clean smile.

Keep Your Smile Super Clean With Our Help And Care!

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