The Truth About Teeth Whitening And Sensitivity

You might hear a lot of talk regarding sensitivity when you talk with friends about your desire for teeth whitening or when you search online. This might even deter you from contacting our Cleveland, TX team to talk about coming in for care. Of course, we appreciate your efforts in keep your smile safe. However, we don’t want you to miss out on cosmetic improvements and other opportunities as a result of misinformation! Fortunately, we can quickly help you better understand the truth about sensitive teeth, brightening your smile, and how to make changes in such a way that you keep your smile safeguarded!

When You Try OTC Options

When you try over-the-counter teeth whitening for yourself, this may certainly end with sensitivity. Why is that, you ask? It’s possible that you may not correctly protect your soft tissues (your gums). It’s possible your smile isn’t ready (maybe you have cavities that need care). It’s also possible that the treatment is not gentle enough for your teeth, so it causes some amount of injury. Or, you may use multiple treatments in an effort to see the shade you want but you harm your smile in the meantime. Avoid this approach. It will likely cause discomfort without actually helping you reach your primary goal!

When You Use Home Remedies

Our team reminds you that if you damage your enamel, which you can easily do with home remedies (because they frequently end up with you abrading your outer tooth layer, known as enamel, or wearing it down with acidic suggestions), it will cause sensitivity. Avoid “remedies,” too.

When You Choose Care With Us!

When you decide to rely on teeth whitening or any other dental service with our team, you’re making a very wise choice! Remember, trying to practice dentistry on your own, even if it’s only esthetic in nature, can lead to serious consequences because you are not trained. Like any other service, whitening requires a lot of knowledge and the correct treatment. You need to ensure your teeth are losing their stains without losing their health, moisture, and more, which may lead to sensitivity. When you want to see your discoloration fade, as it’s replaced with vibrancy, the best way to do so is to come in to talk with our team about cosmetic care that’s right for you.

Learn More About How To Safely Whiten Your Smile With Us

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