3 Things You Should Always Remember About Biting Your Nails

We could just say, “You should stop biting your nails because it’s bad!” to you. However, you’ve probably heard this before. You may tell yourself this quite frequently. However, the “it’s bad” thing might not really be quite enough motivation to convince you to gather up the willpower to keep your nails out of your mouth. Today, our Cleveland, TX team would like to remind you that there are some real threats to your smile health that such a habit can create. So, if you can manage it, you just might want to do your best to curtail the biting!

It Can Cause Damage

You might end up chipping your teeth, eroding some of your enamel, or otherwise by biting your fingernails. How so, you ask? You’re just gently biting the tip of each nail, you think. However, think a bit harder about the fact that you may have dental tissue from one tooth rubbing against the tissue of another tooth. Too much friction can cause damage over time. Or, let’s say you’re wearing something like braces or a dental bridge. You can end up causing damage to the device, breaking a bracket, etc., as a result of excessive exposure to pressure over time. It’s much better for your teeth and your smile health in general if you find a way to combat this habit.

It Can Contribute To Functional Problems

Are you already dealing with an issue like teeth grinding or clenching? Have your TMJs been fatigued lately? If a functional problem like bruxism disorder or TMJ disorder is affecting you, remember that those little, repetitive motions that accompany biting your nails can make matters much worse. Do your best to address and avoid this habit, so you aren’t contributing to an already problematic concern for your smile health.

It Can Introduce Germs Into Your Body

Yep, whatever it is that you touch is going straight into your mouth when you bite your nails. That is, unless you are very mindful of washing your hands frequently. Even then, though, there may be viruses or bacteria beneath your nails that will hide and still make it into your body! Don’t encourage illness or other problems. Instead, we remind you to do your best to keep your fingers far away from your mouth unless you’re practicing dental hygiene or you’re eating!

See Us For Help With Smile Habits

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