3 Reasons People Need Prosthetic Dental Care

You might have some ideas about prosthetic dentistry. You might think it’s something that you might only need once you’re much older. However, age has nothing to do with tooth loss! Remember, when you care for your teeth, you can keep them forever and ever! You may even think that replacing missing teeth is only something that might occur if you just don’t brush for a long time. Let’s help set the record straight regarding the fact that there are reasons just about anyone might need to replace one or more teeth. So, should you find yourself visiting our Cleveland, TX practice to address a space in your smile, you’ll recognize that you’re in very good company.

#1: You Just Never Developed A Tooth

Are you someone who has an open space in your smile because you never developed a permanent tooth? Maybe you are missing multiple teeth. As you likely already know, this is a hereditary issue that is referred to as hypodontia. You probably know, as well, that prosthetic dentistry is your pathway toward a smile that’s complete and has all of its teeth. In many instances, we suggest the placement of a dental implant and crown, giving you the chance to enjoy a complete tooth where nature did not place one! Have questions about this option? All you have to do is come in for a consultation to learn more.

#2: You Had An Accidental Trauma!

Another reason patients may require prosthetic dentistry? They had an accidental trauma. Remember, as strong and resilient as your teeth are, they are not immune to damage. They can even become dislodged. With a powerful enough impact, either from the food that you’re biting into (which can crack a tooth) or during a sporting event, for example, you can end up without a tooth. What are you to do at this point, you ask yourself? Come in! Talk with us about treatments like dental bridges that can restore your grin.

#3: Disease Damaged Your Tooth

Disease can severely damage a tooth at any age. When problems like decay or periodontal disease are not treated, tooth loss is a frequent result. Fortunately, prosthetic dentistry is here to help you recover your smile.

See Our Team To Replace Missing Teeth

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