Kids and Toothpaste: A Quiz

Keeping young teeth healthy is important….even if those teeth will eventually fall out. Baby teeth help adult teeth find their proper place, and can help set the stage for attractive and functional smiles through teen years, and into adulthood. Young hands may need help with brushing techniques, and children will take their cues from the adults in the household, when developing good habits of brushing and flossing. Though toothpaste might seem like a minor dental decision, there are things everyone should know about kids and toothpaste! 

Toothpaste Questions

Q#1: How much toothpaste should a child use:

A . Toothpaste is not necessary for children
B. A dab about the size of a pea
C. Enough to fully cover the toothbrush bristles

Q #2: What should a parent look for when shopping for a child’s toothpaste:

A. Glitter, fun flavor, popular cartoon characters on the box
B. Finding the lowest price possible
C. The American Dental Association Seal

Q #3: Should your child swallow toothpaste after brushing?

A. No, toothpaste should be spit in the sink after brushing
Yes, it will cleanse the throat
Yes, if the child likes it

Toothpaste Answers

A #1: B. Children should use a dab about the size of a pea. For very young children (who are not yet able to brush their own teeth) a rice-sized dab is adequate. If you are not sure how much toothpaste to apply, ask your dental hygienist to demonstrate at your next appointment.

A #2: C. While it may be fun to brush with an inexpensive toothpaste in the coolest color and trendy flavor, the most important thing to look for when choosing a toothpaste is the ADA seal of approval. The ADA seal means the toothpaste has met stringent standards for being safe and effective in helping prevent tooth decay. 

A #3: A. Children (and adults) should never swallow toothpaste. While swallowing a small amount does not constitute a dental emergency, toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed or consumed.  After brushing for about two minutes, children and adults should spit out the residue, rinse the mouth, and spit out the water.

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