Let’s Review: All About Cleaning Your Tongue

You don’t know if you should clean your tongue or not. Perhaps you’ve polled friends and family members, assuming you’re going to end up with an overwhelming vote one way or the other but, alas, everyone else is just as uncertain as you are! What to do? Well, to begin, start with this one fact: Yes, you need to clean your tongue as part of daily, effective dental hygiene. Now, for the details you need in order to feel good about this (and to do it well), we’re here to help.

If You Don’t Clean It, Then…

We answer this question quite frequently. We know that if you’ve never included your tongue in your dental hygiene experience before, you may wonder why now is a good time to start. The fact is, it’s just additional surface area to which bacteria cling. The more bacteria you can remove during hygiene sessions, the easier it is to skip the development of problems like cavities, halitosis, etc.

Brushing, Scraping, Either Will Do…

Your approach is all about what makes you feel good. Some patients love the convenience of brushing their tongue as the final step during a brushing session. Others squirm at the way it feels and instead opt for a smooth tongue scraper.

When Success Isn’t Happening, Let Us Know!

Perhaps you notice that your tongue seems coated and no matter what you do with your dental hygiene, you aren’t getting it clean. Maybe you are brushing, flossing, and are even cleaning your tongue but you still have yucky breath that you assumed would go away. When you follow our suggestions but success isn’t happening, take it easy and give us a call! We will see you for a checkup and help you get back to a healthy mouth.

Get To The Bottom Of Dental Hygiene Dilemmas With Us

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