Children’s Dental Fillings: 2 Things You Must Know

We know that when it comes to your children’s smiles, what you hope for is teeth that remain healthy, strong, and cavity free! However, sometimes decay gets the best of a child or teen and that leaves you as the responsible party who must schedule a children’s dental filling. Unfortunately, if you have doubts about the filling, you may feel a little torn regarding whether to move forward with the treatment or not. Good news: A couple reminders will let you feel confident and relaxed about rescuing your child’s tooth!

#1: It’s Better To Fill Than To Wait

It’s always better to come in for a children’s dental filling than to just wait. This is true of permanent teeth because they’re the only teeth your kids have! The sooner we treat a cavity, the more of the natural tissue we can preserve. The more tissue that remains, the longer you can expect that tooth to remain sturdy and strong. This is true for baby teeth, too: You should treat them with fillings. Though they will fall out, if you neglect to address decay, you may damage the permanent teeth beneath.

#2: We Offer Lifelike Fillings

If part of your hesitation with bringing your child in for a children’s dental filling is the fact that you worry about how it will affect your child’s self esteem, think again: We aren’t going to fill the cavity with metal. Instead, we offer lifelike fillings! This means that we use a material that we will color customize, so it matches your son or daughter’s tooth. Rather than seeing an obvious filling, you will just see what appears to be a healthy, whole tooth. It will let your child get on with daily life without a change in appearance.

See Us For Children’s Dental Fillings ASAP

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