Why Am I Getting Dry Mouth?

You may recognize that you have dry mouth because, well, your mouth feels dry. You may notice that your lips are surprisingly chapped or cracked. You may also deal with a not-so-fresh breath feeling, with saliva that seems stringy instead of its usual consistency, and your ability to taste foods may change. What you may not understand, though, is why this is happening and what to do about it. Fortunately, we are always here to guide you toward the answers and solutions!

You’re Breathing Through Your Mouth Too Much

You might have dry mouth simply because you’re not breathing through your nose (which is how you should be breathing for the most part). If you’re primarily breathing through your mouth, you may have congestion that you need to treat, you may be snoring during the night, etc. Treat this issue to replenish moisture.

You’re Taking Certain Medication

Some meds are responsible for drying out your tissues, which can leave you with dry mouth and even a metallic sensation. Check out the fine print and if you think it’s the cause, follow up with your doctor.

You Are Dehydrated

It’s simple: If you don’t drink enough fluids, your tissues dry out. Load up on water and your mouth just might go back to normal!

It’s Something Else…

If the aforementioned issues are not sounding like something that you’re going through, remember that there are many reasons you may be dealing with dry mouth. Fortunately, you’re not without help. Come in to see us about your oral health during a dental visit, so we can speak with you about other possibilities, check in on your smile, and discuss how you can get your moisture levels back to a comfortable, healthy place.

See Us For Help With Dry Mouth

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