Composite And Filling Open Areas

You have heard of composite before if you’ve ever received a tooth-colored filling or if you know anything about dental bonding. What you might not recognize is that this is the same material used for filling in areas of missing tissue across the board. We’d like to offer you some reminders about composite, so you begin to have a better understanding of how we use it and how it may provide you with the care your smile needs!

It Fills Cavities

As you have heard the term “tooth-colored filling” before, you know that composite must be something we can customize as far as the shade is concerned. This is accurate! Think of it as us tinting a white material to match your tooth’s or smile’s shade of white. We all have varying shades, of course, when you compare one smile to the next. Getting it just right is essential to creating beautiful work! In the case of decay, it lets us restore your tooth when we fill in the hole that’s left behind.

It Fills Chips

If you suffer from a chip on your tooth, you’re missing just a little bit of tissue. Unfortunately, even a little bit can make your smile go from looking pristine to looking damaged. We rely on composite to allow us to treat this problem with dental bonding. We will sculpt the composite to get the shape of your tooth looking complete again!

It Fills Spaces

Small spaces between teeth, particularly when you don’t require braces, can become very frustrating. Composite allows us to turn an otherwise very lovely smile into one that no longer lacks uniformity. Again, we use dental bonding to fill in spaces, so it looks like your teeth are closer together.

See Us For Smile Improvement

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