3 Details: A Better Understanding Of Bruxism

You may have a very general understanding of bruxism disorder. If so, it goes a little something like this: You know that bruxism means you grind and/or clench your teeth. Now, this is, of course, the very foundation of what it means if you brux. However, there’s a lot more to learn if you want to have a better understanding of bruxism. Fortunately, with three important details, you will find that your knowledge suddenly grows quite significantly!

#1: It’s Not Something You Try To Do

It’s extremely important that you remember one thing about bruxism disorder as you learn more: It’s not something you do on purpose, which means it’s not something you can control with just trying. It’s “unconscious” or “involuntary,” meaning your brain and body are doing it without your effort. You might be bruxing during daylight hours. Or, you may only do this during your sleep. Since it can be hard to notice, this is one reason we are so serious about encouraging six-month dental checkups (we will diagnose it for you).

#2: Causes Include Many Theories

Before you think you can figure out the cause and solve it, remember that doctors aren’t sure why this happens. We only know that it happens, that we can treat it with bruxism disorder treatment, and that this lets us prevent damage. Some of those theories include: Anxiety causes it or a problem with your chewing reflex contributes, and more.

#3: Certain Factors Make Matters Worse

Don’t make bruxism disorder worse! Remember that limiting caffeine, checking medication side effects, and learning to cope with stress are all good ways to avoid aggravating bruxism.

Treat Your Bruxism With Us

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