Contouring: Procedure Questions You Want Answered!

Before you receive dental contouring, it’s absolutely normal to find yourself going over a bunch of questions in your mind. You know, of course, that the way this procedure is works includes the gentle removal of some tooth tissue to improve shape, length, or texture. However, while you’ve got the big picture down pat, that might not be helping you with the little details you cannot yet figure out. Let’s help you, so you feel absolutely comfortable and confident that you’re making a choice for your smile you can feel wonderful about choosing.

Questions and Answers

Question: What if during dental contouring you accidentally remove more tissue than is safe? What if I have thinner enamel than most people?

Answer: This is why we prepare ahead of time! We will thoroughly examine your smile before moving forward with any type of treatment. We will determine the thickness of your enamel first to ensure we know just how much we can remove, while protecting the health of your teeth.

Question: How much tissue is usually removed during dental contouring? Is it a lot?

Answer: While it can lead to beautiful results, the removal of your tissue is actually extremely minimal. We may remove as little as around a millimeter of tissue.

Question: What if I choose dental contouring right now but in the future I want other treatments? Will I be able to make additional improvements?

Answer: Absolutely! Contouring will not take you out of the running for anything you may decide you want in the future for your smile.

Ask Us About Contouring For Your Smile

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