Dental Contouring: Getting Acquainted With The Procedure

What is dental contouring and why might you need it, you wonder? If your current goal for your smile has included figuring out how to deal with dental tissue that doesn’t look the way you’d like, then contouring may have come up. Unlike bonding, which gives you the chance to add where you need more tissue, contouring lets you take it away. Consider the why and the how behind the treatment and you will more quickly see that this may be the solution for your needs.

How We Contour

To begin, let’s talk about the way that we perform dental contouring. At first glance, this may sound like something that’s complicated or potentially uncomfortable. Upon a closer examination, however, you will find that contouring is simple and comfortable. It’s a procedure that includes just the strategic use of a polishing instrument. It gently allows us to take a minimal part of your enamel away (think of this as a buffing process). We apply the instrument to your tooth to smooth or reshape it.

Why You May Want Contouring

Now, let’s talk about why you might want to choose dental contouring if you’re looking to make your smile look better. First, remember that this is a way of removing tissue for esthetic purposes. What cosmetic improvements might you be able to make this way? Well: You can make that super-long tooth shorter, you can get rid of that sharp point, you can say goodbye to bumpy texture, you can make teeth look more beautifully shaped … you get the idea!

See Us About Cosmetic Care For A Prettier Smile

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