Partial Dentures: Your Questions Answered

Do you have some questions about partial dentures? Do you wish that you could improve your experience a little bit (or are you simply worried that something is wrong with your partial but you don’t really know what to do)? Not to worry. Our Q&A session will help and, of course, scheduling time for us to see you and your prosthetic is always a very wonderful decision.

Questions and Answers

Question: What if I have a partial denture but I need just a little bit more support? Is there something I can do?

Answer: Yes, you may get a bit more stability with the use of denture adhesive. This comes in different forms, such as strips or paste. You can apply it and then enjoy improvement. Take a look at options at your local drugstore.

Question: What if it’s not just a little bit of movement that I’m experiencing? What if my partial denture just seems to feel wrong or is irritating me?

Answer: Your partial should never hurt, irritate you, and it shouldn’t move around a lot. If you’re noticing a major change, then it’s time to come in to talk with us. You may have a damaged denture or you may simply need a new one. See us soon!

Question: Is it possible for me to accidentally damage my partial denture? I’ve had multiple experiences with damage in the past.

Answer: Yes. It’s possible to harm your partial. You should remember that it’s not good to use hot water (it can warp it) when you clean it. It’s also essential to store it correctly and to avoid eating foods that are simply too hard for anyone’s smile!

See Us When You Have Questions About Partials

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