Fluoride: Facts You Should Know

We think there are some things you should know about fluoride because we hear an awful lot of misinformation coming from our patients! We hear so much, in fact, that we have come to realize you may be missing out on essential ingredients (such as this one) when you’re practicing your dental hygiene just because you need a quick refresh of factual information. Let’s get started! During your next visit, we’ll be happy to help a bit more.

Fact: Everyone Needs It

You need it and your kids need it, too. Fluoride will help you in great ways when it comes to enjoying a smile that is free of cavities. It helps you maintain teeth that are sturdy and free of weakened enamel, so decay stays away.

Fact: It’s Natural!

Fluoride is not something that a scientist created in a lab somewhere. It occurs on our planet naturally! So, if you can stop worrying.

Fact: Rumors Are Rumors

If you hear rumors that fluoride is bad for you or it’s dangerous, remember that these are rumors. If you ate a lot of this mineral, yes it could be harmful. So, brush and rinse with it! Don’t eat it as a snack. Easy.

Fact: It Can Help Rebuild Mineral Loss

If you already have a sizable cavity, then you’re going to require treatment for the decay. However, if it’s just starting and your enamel is softening, you may be able to “re-mineralize” that spot with the help of fluoride, so it does not become a cavity.

Get The Hygiene Facts During Visits

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