Cavity Formation: 2 Things You Might Not Realize

When you’re thinking about the way tooth decay forms in your smile, you might think you’ve got it all down pat. As long as you don’t eat too much candy, you might think to yourself, or over-indulge in sugary sodas, you’ll be just fine! … Right? Not exactly. While sugar does encourage the development of cavities, it doesn’t directly cause it. Here’s what you need to know: Bacteria in plaque (which rests on your teeth) eat sugar particles. They eat carbs, too. As they digest these particles, they put out acids, which soften your enamel. As this goes on, over time, decay begins and you end up with a cavity. Now, for some things you may be getting a bit wrong.

#1: Giving Up Sugar Won’t Make You Immune

Now you’re getting the idea when it comes to sugar. Yes, giving up sugar can absolutely have a positive effect on your smile. You’ll greatly decrease the “food” you’re providing the bacteria in your mouth, which means the acid production will decrease. When the environment in your mouth is not becoming acidic so frequently, you’re side-stepping the formation of cavities, which means you can stop worrying so much about tooth decay.

#2: Diet Soda Is Dangerous, Too

Great, so you know if you’re careful with carbs and sugars, you don’t have too much to worry about. Make sure you rinse your smile with water and that your dental hygiene is on point and you’ll be in fantastic shape! As a result, you may reach for diet soda, assuming this is going to cause zero problems in cavity land. Not so! Remember: Acids lead toward tooth decay. All soda, even diet, is acidic. It will soften your enamel and will make you more likely to end up with cavities.

Protect Yourself From Cavities With Consistent Care

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