Partial Denture Or Dental Bridge?

What’s the right choice for your smile? Is it best to replace missing teeth with a partial denture? Or, does it turn out that what you should really gravitate toward is a dental bridge? Since both of these prosthetic devices can address types of partial tooth loss, you may find yourself at a bit of a loss when it comes to making that ultimate decision. We know it can cause some confusion at first. Fortunately, though, once you become more educated regarding what you can expect from each, you will have a much easier time landing on a partial or a bridge as your preferred replacement.

Removable Device Vs. Fixed

This is a very simple way to start deciding whether you want a partial denture or a bridge. It’s all about the type of wear you prefer on a daily basis. Do you want to be able to take it out of your mouth? If so, you should choose the partial. If you want it in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, then you’re looking for the fixed device, the bridge.

Amount And Pattern Of Tooth Loss

A partial is going to be able to address most types of tooth loss, in most configurations, and including one or many missing teeth. A bridge can handle only one, two, or three teeth (and they must all be absent in a row).

Traditional Or Implant Support

If you’re trying to decide between partial dentures and bridges, you may wonder which one you may choose if you want to say goodbye to traditional support and hello to the use of implants for support. Good news: You may retain either a partial or bridge with dental implants. If it turns out you’re a wonderful candidate for either, we will be happy to talk with you about additional details to guide you toward your decision.

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