Tips For Your Smile: While You’re On The Job

When you’re on the job, whether that means you’re sitting in front of a classroom, you’re in an office, you’re working outdoors, or you’re in your car most of the day, it generally boils down to the same set of confines: You don’t have immediate access to your home dental hygiene setup, you’re eating what you can grab when you have time, and oral health care isn’t always a breeze. No problem! Our tips can offer some serious help.

Tip: Keep Gum Around

It’s very easy to keep gum (that’s sugarless chewing gum, not the sugary kind) around. Keep a piece in your pocket or your laptop bag, keep a pack in your drawer, store some in your car. When you eat but cannot brush, gum is a wonderful backup for your oral health protection.

Tip: Brush If You Can

Maybe you have the luxury of being able to brush! If so, brush after meals or snacks. Just remember that it’s better to give your smile around 30 minutes after you eat before you head to the sink to brush it.

Tip: Avoid Things That Coat Your Teeth

Skip sticky, chewing, gooey, tacky things (like caramels). They cover your smile and rest on your teeth, which is not what you want when your goal is good oral health.

Tip: Water, Water, and More Water

You know that drinking beverages that are acidic or sugary is not fantastic for your smile. You also know that it’s easy to keep your smile clean by drinking water. It helps you remove the foods you’ve eaten during snacks and meals in addition to removing plaque. Drink water throughout the day to promote oral health that remains safe.

Keep Your Smile Clean All Day, Every Day With Our Help

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