Denture Doesn’t Fit? Consider These 3 Things.

Did you wake up one morning, place your denture into your mouth, then realize that something just doesn’t feel the same? When your full denture no longer feels like it’s sitting or functioning as it usually does, it probably does not fit. Is it something you did, you wonder? Is something wrong specifically with the denture itself? Well, it could be the result of multiple things. Of course, this means that you just might need a little help from our practice. Learn more by thinking through three simple things to consider.

#1: It Could Be Your Smile

If your full denture doesn’t fit, it might not be the denture. The device may be perfectly fine! Instead, it could be your smile. Particularly when you have lost many teeth, it’s common for your jawbone to deteriorate over time. As you lose jaw tissue, the shape of your dental ridge changes. When the shape of your smile no longer fits your denture, it may be time for a new one.

#2: It Could Be Damage

Then again, your smile may be perfectly fine. Your denture, however, may not! If your full denture becomes damaged, it may not fit. While obvious damage can occur, such as a crack or break, less apparent forms may occur, as well. The device may warp in hot water, for instance, which can leave it fitting poorly.

#3: You Should Call Us To Schedule A Visit ASAP

How to figure out what’s causing your fit problem? Call us to set up an appointment. We’ll check your smile and your denture and move on from there with suggestions to improve the issue!

Protect Your Smile With Well-Fitting Dentures From Our Team

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